Hydrotherapy arthritis treatment


How does Hydrotherapy works on Arthritis?

Hydrotherapy is also known as hydropathy, it involves the use of water to reduce pain and treat some diseases. Hydrotherapy has been used during the ancient times in Egypt, Greece and Rome. It has been accepted that taking a bath in hot springs improve circulation. Water immersion and doing exercise in water has been a popular choice of therapy.

One study reported that hydrotherapy is beneficial for persons suffering from arthritis. 199 patients suffering from chronic rheumatoid arthritis were assigned randomly to receive hydrotherapy treatment ,seated immersion, land exercise or relaxation. The patients spend 30 minute sessions twice weekly for 4 weeks and were monitored before and after the treatment.

Results showed that all of the patients receiving the therapy improved physically and emotionally based on the Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales 2 questionnaire. However, those patients receiving hydrotherapy showed greater improvement when it comes to joint tenderness and the range of knee movement compared to other patients.

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