Back Arthritis

Arthritis is a typical problem of the lumbar spine which will lead to many different symptoms. Lumbar spine arthritis is most typically seen in patients who are older. But this can also be seen in all age groups.
People who are at higher risk for the development of lumbar spine arthritis are:

  • patients who are older
  • persons who are obese
  • heavy laborers
  • individuals with past injuries on the spine

Where will arthritis occur in the spine?

Lumbar spine arthritis is a problem which can occur in the joints connecting every spinal segment or vertebrae. Vertebrae are connected in three areas. At the front area of the spinal cord, the vertebrae are separated through a spinal disc that is similar to a cushion. At the rear area of the spinal cord, the vertebrae are connected by 2 tiny joints referred to as facet joints. These facet joints along with the spinal disc will permit movements of the spine which will include arching your back, sideways twisting and forward bending.
When the facet joints will become arthritic, the spinal movements mentioned above will be painful and stiff. Lumbar spine arthritis is frequently seen along with other spinal conditions which include:

Disc Degeneration

Once the facet joints will wear out due to arthritic conditions of the spine, the disc will also wear out after a while. More frequently, facet arthritis will go on along with the disc disease of the lumbar spine.

Spinal stenosis

Oftentimes, spinal stenosis is also seen in people with lumbar spine arthritis. As arthritis will progress, the nerves will become pinched which will lead to the symptoms of spinal stenosis. These symptoms are difficulty in walking, numbness, tingling and leg pain.

What are the symptoms of lumbar spine arthritis?

Most often, lumbar spine arthritis will result to stiffness and pain located at the low back. Patients will frequently notice that their backs are particularly stiff during early morning after getting out of bed and could loosen during the course of the day. The symptoms will also turn out to be worse along with extended or strenuous activity. As the lumbar facet joint arthritis become worse, the joints will form bone spurs, the tissue will swell due to inflammation and the nerves surrounding these joints will be pinched. This condition is called spinal stenosis which can frequently be seen in people who are suffering from lumbar arthritis. The common symptoms of spinal stenosis will also be often experienced by these patients.

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