Arthritis Pain

Pain due to arthritis will inhibit regular day to day activity and can impairĀ  the life of an individual and as a result even the most basic activities can be uncomfortable or painful. There are a lot of types of arthritis and all of these can vary in terms of severity. Acute arthritis pain is typically just temporary and sporadic. While in chronic arthritis pain, occurrence of pain will be regular and will be for an extended period of time. This can range from days to months even up to years. In reality, there are some chronic arthritis pains which can make it extremely difficult for several people to maintain their regular jobs.
Every patient with arthritis experiences the pain which is associated with the disease in a different manner. At times the pain will be aggravated and occur with redness and sensation of heat in the areas of joints. There are also times when there is swelling in the area of the joint or maybe constant pain as a result of arthritic damage. Each pain threshold of the patient will be different and will cause them to ask for help due to the pain at various stages of the disease.
In addition, the activities which an arthritis patient will perform can contribute to the pain or may be helpful in alleviating the occurrence of pain. Lots of patients complain that as soon as they get out of bed, they will experience pain due to arthritis. There are also some who will complain that pain can only be felt following the performance of a series of activities which will wear the joints being affected by the disease. The patient along with his physician will discuss and come up with an individualized treatment plan for pain based on how much and when the pain will bother the patient.

There are some basic ways for the treatment of arthritic pain. Plenty of patients take advantage from only a single form of treatment while there are some who will need to undergo a series of treatments or may be a combination of treatments. It is extremely typical for a patient to try one particular treatment before he goes on another treatment.

More often than not, arthritis is treated with medications and the usual treatment would be non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDS. These medicines are normally used to obtain short-term relief and will be able to alleviate easily the discomfort which can be due to inflammation. NSAIDs are among the most common medications which can be used in treating rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Other than the medications, exercise is also considered to extremely effective form for the treatment of arthritis. Exercising regularly will help in the reduction of the amount of joint pain as well as stiffness. When an individual exercises, that person will promote stretching which can be ideal for the symptoms of arthritis. Before you engage in an exercise plan, it will be best to discuss with your doctor about it.

Surgery can be a more extreme form of treatment for arthritis. This is usually reserved for patients who have severe and extreme conditions of arthritis. During the surgery for treating arthritis, the synovial tissue is eliminated while the joints affected will be repaired or in more severe cases, the whole joint is replaced with an artificial joint.

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