Arthritis In Hands

If arthritis in hands is a result of trauma, the cartilage will be damaged. Persons with injuries like fractures particularly the ones which damage the surface of the joint as well as dislocations will later on develop to arthritis in the hands.
The symptoms of common arthritis in the hands are very similar with the other types. Pain will be experienced after periods of increased use of joints like grasping or heavy gripping. It is usual to have morning pain and stiffness. With no cartilage that will act as a shock absorber even less or small movements can contribute to pain. Inflammation of the joints, warm sensation and swelling can also be symptoms. The other joints close to the joint affected can be more mobile compared before.
The sensation of grinding or grating will be felt on the joints affected. This is because the surfaces of the joints and bones are rubbed against each other.  If the arthritis is a result of damaged ligaments, the joint structures for support will loosen and will result to instability.

When arthritis in hands will affect the end joints of the fingers, this will develop later on into tiny cysts which are called mucous cysts. These will cause ridging and at times dents on the nail plates of the fingers.

Options for the treatment of arthritis in both hands and wrist are injection, medications, splinting and in worse conditions, surgery is the choice. Lots of medications can be used as anti-inflammatory in order to stop swelling and pain. Take note that this will only treat the symptoms but will not restore or reverse the damage.

If medications will not be sufficient, injections can be used as forms of anaesthetics. But continuous use of that is not encouraged as there will be several possible negative effects on the body. Usually, injections are used along with splinting. Splints act as support in order to ease the stress on the joints affected. But if one wears the splint for a long time, this will cause muscle wasting or atrophy.

When nonsurgical treatment will fail to alleviate and lessen the pain as well as inflammation, then surgery will be deemed necessary. Those who suffer from arthritis in the hands can choose what kind of treatment they would like to have.  The symptoms will differ from one person to another that is why not all medications will be similar to all patients.

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